What is
Ubicated ?

Platform designed for all types of logistics operations including multimodal transport, national and international, adaptable to any type of company or user, with interaction features between them.

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Storage of

It carries a record appropriate your logistics operations.

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Classified Users

Are you an operator logistics, carrier, buyer or seller?
Uses our platform

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Satellite tracking

Use our trackers
operations and connect in real time!

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Meet more companies and individuals to empower your business.

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Inform all parties
of the events at the moment!

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Create shipping
around the world

You can assign the
operation for maximum effectiveness

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About us

Suppliers of logistics intelligence, storage, control and digital organization, providing high quality services following guidelines and standards facilitating and implementing it to your business.

Always innovating to improve your satisfaction by providing friendly modalities with easy-to-understand interactions for you and your collaborators.

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Each extra user is priced at .99, comes with additional 3 GB of storage for you!

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Office: (669) 913 3193